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International carpet exhibition, flooring, carpeting and related industries

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International Carpet Exhibition, Flooring, Carpet and Related Industries
Manufacturing units and domestic and foreign companies from 13 to 16 September with the participation and participation in the ninth international carpet exhibition, flooring, carpet and related industries; their latest products are in the eyes of enthusiasts.
The exhibition covers more than 120 domestic and foreign companies from Iran and the countries of Turkey, China and Taiwan. The most modern products of the company are the 9th international carpet exhibition, carpet, carpet and related industries. Will be exposed to enthusiasts.

At the 9th International Carpet Exhibition, Carpet, Flooring, Carpet and Related Industries; For the first time anti-adhesive carpets, antimicrobials and long-lasting carpets produced at Iranian factories are presented and publicly displayed.

One of the other special events of the exhibition is the unveiling of the world's largest car carpet and the introduction of 100% acrylic anti-bacterial carpet.

The 9th international carpet exhibition, flooring, carpet and related industries in an area of ​​more than 32,000 square meters and at the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, a25th and 27th floors, as well as open space The permanent venue of Tehran International Exhibitions.

Davoud Kashefifar, Chief Executive Officer of the 9th International Carpet Exhibition, Carpet, Carpet, and Related Industries, said: "In this exhibition, a variety of carpets, related industries and equipment, yarn manufacturers, types of parquet, carpet design units, production line machines , Floor coverings, carpets, related components and machinery, raw materials as well as innovations in the supply of production and services in this area.

He added: holding festivals and workshops for designing carpet machines, carpet and carpet recycling, carpet and raw materials, organizing a joint meeting of heads of unions and coordination for the presence of two trade and foreign commissions. Some of the plans for the international exhibition of flooring Carpet, carpet and related industries.

Kashefiyar Increasing production efficiency, paying attention to the development of this industry, finding new export markets, increasing exports, familiarity with the most innovative industries and equipment of carpet industry, carpet and flooring in the world, job creation, the attention of officials to this industry and increasing and increasing the level of information And the general knowledge, science and technology of the visitors were the main goals of the exhibition.

Machine carpet industry is one of the most influential industries in the textile industry of the country, which has developed well in recent years. Only in Kashan, Aran and Bidgol regions more than 1000 machine carpet manufacturers have been established and this region is the country of production of this product in the country. And even the region has become.

The carpet industry accounts for about 50% of the annual export value of textile industries, and in addition to the good job created in the country, it costs about $ 350 million annually.

The installed capacity of the car carpet industry in the country is 120 million square meters, and its annual production reaches 80 million square meters, which is consumed about 50 million square meters.

The per capita consumption of machine carpets in the country is about 3.2 square meters and its surplus is exported to world markets. If the necessary liquidity and foreign trade facilitation is reached, the annual production capacity can not exceed 100 million square meters and 50 million square meters will not be disturbed. .

The 9th International Carpet Exhibition, Carpet, Flooring, Carpet and related industries is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00 at the permanent exhibition of international exhibitions in Tehran.

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