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22 Principle of Handmade Carpet Maintenance

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In this section, we will describe simple steps that will protect your carpet from damage caused by your observance.
 1. The surface to be spread on the carpet should be smooth, dry and free of dust.
 2. The carpet on the surface of gypsum or earth or limestone should not be extended.
 3. It is best not to spread the carpet on carpet or rubber or other carpet.
 4. When cleaning carpets, it is best to open the windows so that dust does not come from carpet cleaning.
 5. The seams of paving, ceramic or mosaic surfaces on which the carpet is wrapped should not be empty because it will be a good secret for the growth of willow.
 6. To prevent wrinkling of the back of the carpet, you can use some naphthalene or non-carbonate powder or plant material such as tobacco. Note that these materials should be used as a standard.
 7. If the carpet is corroded. First, the surface of the carpet on it should be checked and cleaned then spoiled points must be restored so that they do not damage the corrosion areas when rinsing.
8. The corrosion agent of antiseptic wool, sultry and wet weather, and carpet maintenance in enclosed and abandoned areas, or the lack of carpet attention and attention. If the carpet is in an abandoned and abandoned area, the doors must be returned to the house once a month and the carpets are loaded.
 9. Rug should be washed over time.
 10. If you are thinking of washing the carpet yourself, first shake it completely and take it off and then start the rinse.
 11. Carpet washing with acidic detergents, such as chlorohydro sulfites, leads to a lack of durability and the removal of carpet tufts. The best detergent for carpet is low acid soap.
12. The only carpet company carpets that can be washed with soap and water, if you get a carpet that uses chemical dyes, there is the possibility of mixing the colors. So consult with your dealer about such carpets.
13. Carpet lining with any type of shampoo causes carpet decay. The ads that are made about carpet shampoos are not realistic.
 14. If the water is poured onto the carpet, it must be taken from the carpet and the whole area must be completely dry.
 15. If you have a soft drink or syrup or food on the carpet, you should quickly wash and dry it.
 16. If the construction paints or all types of adhesives on the carpet are molded, then the part must be thoroughly washed and dried before drying. In the event of these events, a fan should be taken to wash
 17. Avoid placing the sharp tip of the chair, furniture or table on the carpet. In these cases, use wooden or plastic substructures.
 18. Avoid direct sunlight on the carpet.
 19. It is best to keep the carpet in place every six months to keep the carpet levels even.
 20. Avoid placing the pot or shrub on the carpet or the carpet. Carpet caries are often caused by excess water in the pots.
21. In areas where the weather is warm and humid, it is best to use wool rugs. Because these carpets absorb a little moisture.
 22. The carpets to be used must be repaired before wear and shaving

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