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Washing the carpet at home

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Washing and carpet cleaning is very important, and observing its principles and rules will prevent the carpet of the garment from losing its original quality and even preserves its appearance and appearance. Washing the carpet is usually done once after the payment and again after several years.


In the first stage, improvement of quality and, secondly, elimination of waste and contaminations that are seated after many years. Before washing the carpet, dipping is done in two ways:
1-Typical dipping: In normal dipping, they swing the carpet or knock on the back of the carpet to remove dust and dust. Then, with a rough sweep (the same wood briquettes that are available at home), they cling to it. This should not cause the carpet to break and damage the texture. Knocking the carpet on the ground is one of the false things that are used to clean it.
Mechanical Dusting: This works in factories, depending on the quality of the carpet, and is not possible at home. Carpets that have dust, must be dusted before washing, because when the dust is washed off at the bottom of the knot (the contact point of the knot with a warp), the remaining residue does not clean well and cause the carpet to decay. (In fact it turns into flowers and remains in the carpet's brain). In city life, which is usually used with a vacuum cleaner, there is not much dust in the carpet that needs to be dusted. Just note that the carpet does not paint.
Handmade carpets have different qualities, some may be color-coded. To find out if the carpet is painted, put a white cloth soaked in semi-warm water to pieces of carpet lining or keep the carpet fluff for a few seconds inside the napkin. If the napkin is colored, the carpet will be painted and you should follow the instructions when washing it. (They give more dark colors, such as lacquer, dark green, hazelnut, black, blue).

Steps to wash the carpet

When washing the carpet with a hand, the following points are of particular importance:
1. Use of hard, cement, mosaic or sloping ground is better.
2. The flow of water should be in the form of a shower and with normal heat. Warm water is not used for manual or manual carpet washing.
Description: Machine carpets lose their softness and smoothness due to having plastic material in the knots and the warp. In hand-painted carpets, which paints the paint, the warm water is fixed on the clear parts of the carpet, which is difficult to color. Their carpets, which are made of wool and silk or silk knit, will be reduced to their quality after washing.
3. Do not use alkaline materials in carpet washing.
4. Use neutral detergents (such as hand-dried powder to be dissolved before use in water, carpet shampoo, dishwashing liquid or dissolved soap powder for carpets with fat on them).
5. Do not wet the handmade carpet, especially the carpets that paint. In this case, the clear parts of the carpet will also be colored.
6. Do not pipe the paint that returns the paint, after washing with a plastic brush and drain, and never piped into the pipe.
7. Fully wash the washed carpet with a paddle and then completely wrap it with a napkin or a towel of water, and leave the same time on the ground for one hour so that the parts that paint does not interfere with the other parts of the carpet. .
8. When the rug remains flat on the ground for one hour, the rest of the moisture will be lost and will be ready to be spread.
9. Semi-rugged carpet from the back, hinged in the shadow (indirect sunlight).
10. For carpets and handcuffs that do not paint, the washing method is the same. If you get water on the carpet again, its roots will be yellow.
11. After drying the carpet, rinse it with a vacuum cleaner or brush on the carpet so that all carpet designs are placed and your carpet is more beautiful and clean.
(The vacuum cleaner is swept away on the carpet and it shrinks the carpet and reduces its beauty)

How to use carpet shampoo

The shampooing of the carpet does not require the force of the arm
The correct way to use carpet shampoo
1- Before shampooing, be sure to rub on the carpet.
Take 2 liters of water and 2 cups of carpet shampoo into a container and stir well to get it flattened (repeat it every time).
3-ply carpet shampoo with a tour or sponge on the carpet. The sponge movement on the carpet should be done slowly (because only the carpet is dirty).
Description: If you use water instead of the shampoo floor, the carpet will not only not be cleaned, it will be loosened and sticky, and later it will dry, because the moisture reaches the roots of the carpet and the roots will drip in the humid environment and if several times Repeat this, over time your carpet will surely burn.
The carpet shampoo decomposes on the carpet pegs and disappears in the vicinity of oxygen for half an hour, which should not be on the carpet during this time.
4. Start from the top of the carpet to avoid slipping over the areas where the shampoo has fallen.
5. After half an hour, wear a handkerchief or curtain towel on the carpet (then do it in the direction of the carpet), then sweep it to the carpet with a rough broom or wood vacuum cleaner.
6. Now with your old brush, rinse your carpet. This will make the pegs stand and your carpet looks soft and beautiful, and you will enjoy seeing it.

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