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11 The Ruler Rule

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Carpets and rugs, in the home decoration, especially in our home, Iranians are the first to speak. But the choice of a suitable carpet is not exclusive to its color and design. You need to know where and how to spread the carpet you buy.

One of the rules for using rugs and rugs at home is to be large enough to fit under the foundations of the furniture, chair or sofa. That is, to put the furniture on the carpet. But this law does not always answer and you have to try different methods.

    The first rule is the base of the sofa on the carpet and the base on the ground

As you can see in the picture, in this beautiful room, the sofa is located on the carpet, with the base of the furniture on the carpet and the base on the ground. This trick is used in most places. In this way, you can observe the rule of the furniture on the carpet and increase the distance between the sofas.

     Rule Two: A number of front legs on the carpet

Sometimes it is better to have chairs and basements on the carpet and back of the sofa or sofa on the floor. You can open or close the room as much as you like. Meanwhile, it creates contrast with the floor.

    Third Law: All four bases on the carpet

This factor depends on the size of the carpet or carpet. When the carpet is large and all the sofa and chairs can be placed on it, there is no need for a two-pillar garment on the floor and two bases on the carpet; put all the furniture on the carpet.

    . Fourth law: There is no basis on the carpet

If you are interested in using small rugs with boulder designs, it is advisable to place the chair or furniture around the carpet and none of the foundations on the carpet. This will make the carpet more visible.

    The fifth law: the distance of 45 cm from the edges of the wall

This law has been in most homes for many years. Spread the carpet or carpet in the room, which is at least 45 to 50 cm (5 inches) away from the wall.

You can run this rule in small spaces and just lower the 50 cm, for example, by 20 cm. Incidentally, this design will spark more of a small space.

    Act Six: Do not fill the room with carpet

In order to have a more modern and stylish atmosphere in the room or dining room, it should be distant from the wall and carpet. That is, the carpet should be at least a few centimeters smaller than the room's size, to be seen a bit from the floor and floor.

    The seventh law: The carpet under the bed is 30 to 45 cm bigger

To make the bed and bedroom look much stylish, it is best to choose a carpet that is about 30 to 45 cm bigger than the flat bottom. Of course, depending on the size of the room and the bed, you can enlarge this size. But less than this size is not good at all because it makes all the carpets or rugs under the bed go and not seen at all.

 Of course, if you have a small room for the room, it's best to flatten it down. Flatten the rug that is wider than the width of the bed.

    Rule eight: The carpet under the dining table is about 60 cm bigger than the two sides

Choose a carpet for the dining table that is larger than the width of the table and the chairs and extends at least 60 centimeters from each side. This way, even when the seat is pulled back, all the seats are on the carpet.

    Rule nine: fill the hallway with carpet

Narrow carpets or narrow carpets can be bought to fill the corridors of the house. The entrance to the house is also good if you have a narrow space and a corridor like that with carpets.

     Tenth law: the combination of carpets

When buying and choosing a carpet or a carpet for your home, you can use several small carpets in place of a large carpet. This idea also gives you a beautiful view of the space, and you can have a nice layout for the living room.

     The eleventh law: break all the rules

Though the 10 laws mentioned above are very functional and excellent, but sometimes it's not bad to get around them all and do your job. Some carpets are not regular, so do not disturb yourself and make them any better.

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