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18 features handmade carpet

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The feature of a handmade carpet is that there are a few centimeters of difference in the dimensions of the carpet in the upper and lower parts, which in fact is one of the features of the handmade carpet and is not a disadvantage. An Iranian handmade carpet is woven in three main forms: bergamot, bricks and plywood.
Handmade carpet symbol of Iranian nation

Each nation has a symbolic commodity that the world remembers the nation with the mention of that commodity; the handmade carpet symbolizes the Iranian nation among the nations and recognizes Iran's world with its handmade carpet and handwoven carpet with Iran.

Carpet experts around the world say that the handmade carpet is the best and most beautiful carpet in the world. Archaeologists and experts believe that the history of fabric and carpet production in Iran dates back to the Safavid period (1501-1736 AD). Researchers believe that the 16th and 17th centuries have been the beginning of the flourishing of carpet art in Iran.

About a third of the world's handmade carpet is woven in Iran, and 30% of the handmade carpet export market in the world is in our country. If you want to buy a handmade carpet or you want to change your handmade carpet, it's best to know the things you need to buy a good handmade carpet before.
Features a nice handmade carpet
1- An Iranian handmade carpet is woven into three main forms of bergamot, bricks, and feshneh which is the most favored by the larch of bergamot and most of the carpets that you see in the houses of Persians are the bergamot plan which has wide edges around and oval and circular designs in the middle and This design is inspired by the Parthian period architecture in handmade carpets.

 2. The handmade carpet has other superior features in addition to the artistic value of the car carpet. In general, a hand-woven carpet has a good effect from far and near, and is brilliant.

3. The feature of a handmade carpet is that there are several centimeters difference in the dimensions of the carpet in the upper and lower parts, which in fact is one of the characteristics of the carpet is handmade and is not a defect, but if It appears in small rugs. You can be sure of its symmetry by pulling up the handmade carpet from the middle portion.

4. The symmetry of color is another feature of a handmade carpet that should be considered. When buying a handmade carpet, pay attention to the symmetry of the color in the symmetrical parts, and be sure to check it in normal light; keep in mind that the color of the carpet in the direction of sleeping is darker. It is safe to remember that the shapes and geometry of the project are not unfinished.

Features a nice handmade carpet, features a handmade carpet, handmade carpet
One of the characteristics of a handmade carpet is that it is cold in the summer and hot in the winter.
 5. Another feature of a hand-made carpet that can be mentioned is that the carpet should be brushed and flexible. If the end of the pear is different from that of the surface of the carpet, it is an indication that they are painted with colored ink and may paint the paint. A hand-woven carpet is more difficult to clean with rough lace.
6. A handmade carpet is the only flooring that is added to the foot, the light and the rinse of its beauty are doubled and it never loses its eye-catching quality, which is one of the features of handmade carpet. Especially if the handmade carpet is painted using natural dyes. The more a handmade carpet will come up and the longer it stays, the more its financial and artistic value will be.
7. One of the features of a handmade carpet is that it is cold in the summer and it's hot in winter, but car carpet does not have this feature due to its plastic materials.
8. Another issue is the color of the carpet is handmade. To make it easier for you to buy a handmade carpet before paying the seller with a handkerchief on a piece of handmade carpet, if the color of the carpet is artificial, the carpet will paint the napkin.
9. The feature of a handmade carpet is that it uses natural fibers in its texture. Surely, because the handmade carpet material is taken from nature and is not used in any way from synthetic fibers, it will help your health. It should be said that some synthetic fibers are dangerous for asthma, allergic and harmful to children. But natural fibers in the handmade carpet do not cause any sensitivity.
10. Various designs and colors of handmade carpets provide you with mental and spiritual relaxation and enjoyment in life, which is a feature of a handmade carpet. You can choose from thousands of designs and maps commonly used in Iranian handmade carpets with a rich variety of colors that you can enjoy and enjoy.
11. With regard to the use of wool and silk and cotton as raw materials in handmade rugs, you will never see electricity produced from hand-woven carpets, which is a feature of a handmade carpet and is an advantage over many floorboards Another tangible and significant.
13. Another feature of a carpet is its durability and durability. The handwoven carpet has a versatility of life over all other flooring and has a very high level of cleanliness and cleanliness.

 By purchasing exquisite handmade carpets, we will greatly help preserve our country's cultural heritage and promote your culture, aspirations, aspirations and interests of weavers and carpet designers. Always remember that weavers make a lot of this way.

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