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3 important things to keep a fancy carpet

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Fancy Carpet is a common carpet that is used in homes and places of refreshment. Because the dirt and dirt that hides the dirt this carpet is more than a lot of carpets with shorter shades.

The warp, itself made of interlacing fibers made up of crack. For the proper care of a fancy carpet, the holder should use a regular program to clean the carpet and shampoo to keep it in the best shape.

Important Notes

Put your vacuum cleaner in the proper direction for the carpet. Using a vacuum cleaner that brushes the picker with a regular and balanced program is more effective. This ensures that you can take both the surface soils and the dirt soils. Place the vacuum cleaner three or four times at each point.

2. Use a carpet brush to brush the fancy carpet so that dirt does not sweep and do not remove soils that are not loaded first. To avoid damage to the carpet, do not press the brush too much.

3- After you have finished the entire carpet, remove the dirt again to remove the remaining dirt. At this time, raise the carpet to maintain carpet texture.

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