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Carpet or carpet is a woven base of cotton, wool and, in some cases, silk, which is usually used to cover the earth. Since rugs and rugs have always had beautiful roses, they are now also considered to be decorative

In the Pahlavi language, various words were used to refer to a variety of extensions: for exquisite carpets from idols or boots, it was used for felt and carpet from Nemat, and for carpets and bedding from the wistar which was derived from wistardan, which is in Persian today , Is said to extend

But the word "carpet" or "empty" or "Ghali" from the name of the city called "carpets" (the name of the city is not known, although there are castles and nine towns, called "Ghalin Jakar" and "Bardavan", and they are called "Armenians") in Armenia (part of ancient Iran) Has been

Of course, the definitive dictionary of carpet is derived from the word Turkish carpet meaning "fluffy carpet" which is woven with yarn and wool in various colors]

The meaning of "Bob" in the Dehkhoda dictionary is as follows

The carpet and the floor of the house ... the carpet that it is called even in the name of ... in Armenian, Bub and Pahlavi, BOOP. In Tabari's history, from Abu Jaffar Muhammad ibn Jirir Tabari (ca. 266-310) and the translation and compilation of Abu Ali Mohammad Balami (325), the word "Bassat" has been synonymous with carpet. There, the "Baharestan carpet" is said to have been obtained from the Caisson Palace in the Arab invasion of Iran. In Mojtaba al-Baladan, from the ruby ​​of Hammu (early seventeenth century AH) it reads: "They found some of Diaba, sixty arshandar sixty arsh." In Nizat al-Khulub, Hamdollah Mostofi (750), according to Abu'oun, the owner of the book al-Tajiyh said: "In Qalyqla, a carpet is woven as a carpet, and the carpet is an acronym for the city of Qalyqllah and Qalyqllah, a city in the great Armenia ... from the time of Anoushirvan, Armenia was still in the hands of Iranians until Islam came ... "Armenian people" took control of one of the Armenian people. After she came to rule, she called "carpet" and a city and called it "Qalyqalah" which means Ehsan

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