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Kashan is a relatively desert climate in northern Isfahan province, which historically can be considered as one of the oldest cities in Iran, especially after the arrival of Islam.
The city of Kashan has had a good artistic position among the cities of Iran in different periods. This prosperity reached its highest level during the Safavid period, especially considering that the Safavid kings were in this city, Kashan was very important in knitting and carpet weaving during the Safavid period, especially the Safavid kings were very interested in the carpet.
During the reign of Shah Ismayil and Shah Tahmasb, the art centers were Tabriz, Kashan, Hamedan, Shushtar and Herat. During the reign of Shah Tahmasb, carpet weaving will peak. Shah Abbas, by establishing carpet weaving workshops in Isfahan, Kashan and other places, promoted carpet weaving to the level of a national art. During his time, rugs of silk and gold were woven in Kashan. In Isfahan, not only precious custom carpets of the Shah, but also custom carpets of other people were also made by the weavers of industrial workshops. Among these carpets are the orders given by the King of Poland, Sigmund III. Her spending observer, Muratovich, went to Kashan and ordered carpets. At the time of her marriage, Sigmund gave her a few of these carpets as a jar
In general, in all parts of the country, people are busy with carpet weaving, but the places that can be mentioned are Kashan, Jošeghan, Niasar, Qamesar, Aran and Bidgol
Professors: Kashan professors who previously worked in Kashan could be named Professor Mirza Nasrallah Khan and an officer professor and good professors today Kashan: Professor
Karimpour, Isfahanian, Sennheyt, Ali Joypa, Malekzadeh and Marefati. These professors are now mostly engaged in the Kashan market
Kashan carpet designs are very similar to Isfahan designs. Kashan has had a lot of plans in the past. Weaver - Old: "In the pastry, they used a lot of birds in the little lagoon and the crayfish". From the signs of Kashan's design, the flowers of Shah Abbasi and beautiful Kashan in the beautiful Kashan shrubs are mentioned. Lotcher's designs are very widespread in Kashan and the most beautiful lacquer for the Kashan is the treasures.
Kashani designers believe that Lechak Torang is for Kashan and has gone from Kashan to other places. Among other projects of Kashan, which has a worldwide reputation, it is unique in its kind. Polar, copycat, glue, broken horn, tree and honey are other designs that are woven in their hands. Jhoshaghan is also a beautiful and geometric design that is located in Kashan's collection of designs and completely different from Kashan, Aran, and Bidgol designs and other knitting sites.
The colors used in Kashan are very vivid colors with high contrast, lacquer, green, soil types, periosteal skin ... In general, the canvas is a special "lacquer" field for Kashan. And my design is woven with a lacquer background. But now because of the carpet market, these colors are abandoned and they use mild combinations, dyeing is very much done in Kashan, even
It can be said: Kashan dyeing is one of the best dyeing in Iran, more than texture and design. Inside, it is painted silk and is the best silk dyeing for Kashan, and from elsewhere like Isfahan they produce silk tarpaulins.
Kashan dyeing is mostly done chemically. The only Iranian carpet company has a dyeing plant in general. And the method in Kashan maintains its traditional form
Texture is made at the house of Kashan people, and weavers use Persian knot. The runners of Kashan wool are from 40 and 60. They use the crack and
Carpets of all silk are also woven. The woven fabric in Kashan is more than 2 × 3 and 3 × 4. One of today's problems in Kashan carpet is the amount of weavers and dissatisfaction. Aran & Bidgol Carpet Company According to Mr. Rouhanho, weavers bring Yasouj
The importance of Kashan people to Kashan carpet is very high. Nearly everywhere there is a carpet with a carpet, but unfortunately the government and the authorities do not care about this art and they are forgotten every day.

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