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Developments in Iranian handmade carpets in the Qajar period

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In the Qajar period, after a relative calm during the reign of Fath Ali Shah and Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar, a bed was created to produce Persian fine carpets. In this era, European travelers attracted the attention of the merchants and the people of Europe and the United States to the handmade carpet of Iran. In the middle of the 19th / 13th centuries, the development of handmade carpets came to meet the needs of the global market, and foreign companies were interested in investing in Iran's handmade carpet production and trade. Following these developments, some of the countries in the carpet industry had the advantage of developing the industry and entering into the field of competition in its international trade. This competition has grown in the global market since the First World War, and large carpet manufacturers have always been competing with each other to seize markets such as the European and American markets. The countries of China, India and Turkey were among the most important rivals of Iran, who in the last years of the Qajar period were able to increase their share of the international carpet market. Due to the beginning of the handmade carpet business and its international competition in the middle of the Qajar period, and the important developments that took place in the carpet market of the world during this period, since the international carpet market in the past has been specially developed and covered with details. In this article, we tried to introduce the Persian carpet business in the Qajar period by referring to first hand documents instead of the Qajar period using the Department of Documents and History of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Library Documents and Economic History Resources. And the status of trading this commodity in its international market.

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