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What should be noted to know a 100% acrylic car carpet.
Threads Used in 100% Acrylic Machined Carpet:
First there is a carpet boom thread that is 100% cotton.
The second one is a horizontal threaded jute or hemp.
Third, the roots are 100% cotton, which is in grain form at the end of each carpet
The fourth is the thread of the carpet that is made of acrylic
The five sexes of the carpet lining, known as zigzag, are from Acrylic.
Now, the difference between 100% acrylic machine carpets with percentages of carpets (which is a combination of acrylic with BCC) or full BCC carpets.
In terms of durability and longevity, acrylic carpets have a longer life span than BCF carpets or percentages.
In terms of shortening (overflow), over time, according to the length of use (foot), is very small or negligible, which is not considered, but the rest of the carpets are observed in such a way that after some time We will see the crookedness or shortening of the height or width of the carpet.
In terms of washing and exposure to light in acrylic rugs, we do not see any changes, but this is in the case of poorly-framed BCF or percent vice versa, in which the carpet disappears.
The acrylic carpet has a lot of resistance to direct heat, so one of the features that distinguishes the acrylic carpet from other carpets is the heat test, so that you can remove the hot air on the carpet without changing it, but for the rest The carpets are torn due to exposure to heat and the carpet is perforated and removed.
In terms of wearing acrylic carpet does not change, but BCF corrosion or decay over time.
The beauty of the acrylic carpet is not comparable to the carpet with a percentage or BCF.
One of the disadvantages of carpet weaving is carpet weaving, which car carpet manufacturers have taken steps to overcome the aforementioned disadvantages.
Machine carpets are worn in the machine that are most used in the machine. These defects include the use of the best fiber mix (length and elegance), the use of optimal amount of water and oil to The work done in the fiber preparation stage, the proper settings of the machines in the spinning hall, the proper thread grip, the optimal thermal stabilization, the proper use of the shade, and the best conditions for the completion and non-use of waste fibers can be effective in improving the defect.

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