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How to make a clean and fresh carpet

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Tips on carpet cleanlinessSwept the carpet
Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, as thin-walled and sharp-bristled straws damage the carpet fibers over time. The fastest vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove dust.

Sun protection
Homesteads that are sunshine, despite the provision of beneficial conditions for the home environment, also have a disadvantage for them. For example, having a carpet exposed to sunlight constantly has a negative effect on its color. If you have rugged handmade rugs, use thick curtains for the front windows.

Licking the carpet on the ceramic
In the past, not far away, the floors covered the houses and spread the carpets over them. In these conditions, there was no news of the rumbling of carpets, but these days, the floor of the house is covered with stone, ceramics and mosaics, the carpets are driven by the burning and moving. To avoid this, you can use sponge liners or polished and soft mesh nets. Consider the size of these liners smaller than the dimensions of the carpet.

Abrasive carpet
The placement of the carpet underneath is due to its erosion. If you have to place a part of the carpet in the house because of the lack of space in the house, set the door so that it does not find the carpet when the contact is rotated. In addition, once and for all, move the carpet so that all of its parts are glued to the same extent and only some parts are not exposed to wear.
Wash your carpet
As the summer ends, many housewives wash their carpets. Of course, if you are going to wash your carpets, it's best to leave them to the reputable carpet companies. Because in these companies, they first remove the dirt from the carpet and then continue the process of rinsing. If you want to wash the carpets at home, you will not be able to do this, and dust will remain in the carpet. Cleaning carpets at home can also be done using a carpet shampoo.

Tips for carpet drying
Do not hang down washed carpets. Flattening the carpets beneath the rooftops, and the burning sun also causes serious damage to the tissue and fibers.
If carpet washing is part of your seasonal program, make a special form of scaffolding so you can spread the carpets on the roof or in the yard and light sunlight. By doing this, the air flows around the carpet completely and dries well.
If only a portion of your carpet is soaked, use a sponge, towel or cotton cloth to dry it and then collect the water, then place the damp part in a gentle sunshine or by gentle warmth of the hair dryer Dry the back and the carpet.
To dry the carpet, do not use direct heat from heat sources such as heaters, fireplaces and radiators as it damages the carpet.


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