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How to choose a rug suitable for our decoration?

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Today, carpet picking, like the selection of many home appliances, is subject to observance of laws and principles that harmonize with and adapt to the environment of decoration of the environment. Therefore, it is advisable to consider certain basics such as map, size, and so on before buying carpets, rugs and the like. Read some of these basics.

You can take a few moments to get a better look and feel:
1. The carpet of the dining room should be as large as the width, at least 60 to 70 cm above the dining table, so that the seat bases are entirely on the carpet.

2. Do not use one pair of carpets to cover the front of the cabinet and the couches, but use single carpets.

3- To use a large carpet, use a few small, light-colored carpets to paint the bedroom.

4. Nomadic schemes have full harmony with modern sofas. Use only glossy Islamic rugs for furniture.

5. The design of the apartment houses is in perfect agreement with the geometric carpets and the broken branch of the nomad, Gabbe and Gillim. You can use these products in apartment space.

6- The trampoline's carpets, whether from a broken or battening design, are perfectly fit for the reception rooms where they are fully exposed to the bergamot or the halls hanging in the middle of the chest. This type of carpet should be spread in the center of the place.

7. Use silk rugs for areas where the relative humidity is high.
Do not use brightly colored carpets for rugged areas.

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