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Remember the time of your home interior design from the floor of the room as your decoration, a carpet can complete the vision and coordinate the selected agents in the arrangement and make the room alive and revealing. There are plenty of carpet designs to choose from.
Consider the optimal room look. Do you want to have a cluttered chamber or a room full of rich textured colors? If you start with a completely empty room, choose a carpet and then paint the walls with the colors you find in the carpet.
2. Remember that the carpet should be the size of the room. Notice how the room is used. How much traffic is and under what light? For places that are crowded, such as corridors, you may choose a durable carpet with a pattern.
3. Choose a design that shows the designs and colors used in your carpet.
4. If you start with furniture and furniture, choose a carpet that has the color or the role of your furniture and appliances. Roles can be mixed if they are matched by colors. The factors in the design of a carpet can be involved in the plan and the final design. For example, if the carpet is floral, add framed photographs with carpet-colored flowers.
5- Get carpet as much as the room or place you want to cover. The usual sizes of rugs are 4 * 3 and 5/3 * 5/2 and 3 * 2.
6. A solid, solid carpet can be the center or center of a room, a chair and a sofa with a single piece of design around it.
7. Light carpets make a great show of the room, and dark colors make it cozy and showcase the room.
8. Select a fuser that is good for its performance, with good density, shoulder, and fine fibers.
9. Synthetic yarns - nylon, polyester, acrylic and polyproline, and durable wool and cotton. They are soft and easy to clean.
10. Carpets are similar to hand-made carpets, but their prices are usually much lower.
11. Do not consider the quadrilateral carpet. A circular or elliptical carpet can show your recognition and taste.

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