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Shoulder in car carpet

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The shoulder in reality is a part of the machine's carpet machine, which has the function of the shoulder of the handmade carpet. Tapping the cotton yarn and pasting it to the yarns of the car carpet is the duty of this section.

The shoulder is a rectangular plate with a width of approximately 20 cm long and equal to the width of the carpet. This page consists of a large number of grooves in which the carpet threads pass through these grooves. As far as the number of machine carpets is concerned, the number of these slots will be even higher. Since the number of carpets is larger than each other, the cross-sectional density of the carpet will be higher and the number of these treads will be proportionate to the number of shoulder carpet slots. In the term, the width of the carpet is called a carpet shoulder. At first, carpets weaving in Kashan were 350 shoulder carpets and 320 shoulders, manufactured by two companies Vandoil and Totesima. With the advancement in the technology of carpet production, over 440 shoulder rugs, 500 shoulders, 700 shoulders, and 1,000 shoulders were put into the car carpet market of Kashan, and the newest woven carpet in Kashan was 1200 car carpet.

How do we recognize the car's shoulder?

If you do not know the car carpet and worry that the 700 shoulder carpet, called the 1000 shoulder carpet, 500 shoulder carpets, called the 700 shoulder carpet and 1000 shoulder rugs, called the 1200 shoulder carpet will be sold to you, after buying the carpet, this simple test Do it.

We have explained that the shoulder of the carpet is the same as the width of the carpet. Therefore, if the carpet is 1000 shoulder, it should be woven in a meter of carpet width of 1000 knots. To check this, we mark a centimeter of the width of the carpet (the width of the carpet is a part of the carpet that has the roots of the carpet). If there are 10 nodes per inch, the car carpet will be a thousand shoulders. For 700 car mats, 7 knots and 12 knots for shoulder rugs are woven in this 1 cm wide carpet.

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