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Seven Ways to Remove Spots on the Carpet

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1. Chewing gum and candle: Rinse the chewing gum with ice and then gently remove it from the carpet using a knuckle.

2. Ink ink (mix): Mix the stain with a little yogurt and then add. Do this several times until the ink on the carpet is completely absorbed by us.

3. Juice and tea: Also, clean milk, chocolate and coffee with warm water and soap or shampoo.

Sweet liquids such as syrup and sweet tea, etc., accelerates the decay of carpets, which should remove the effect of these fluids quickly from the carpet.

4. Oil and fat effects: To remove these stains, use soap and white vinegar and neutral cleaners on the carpet.

5. Effects of eggs and blood: Use salt, soap and white vinegar with warm water.

6. Dipped Oil: First, place it in a spoon, then add a white cloth to the oil-impregnated oil and iron it with an oven, and the oil in the carpet will absorb white cloth.

7. Soot: To remove soot from carpet and in particular dark paint carpet, sprinkle on soot salt and after a clock and a second, vacuum up on the carpet.

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