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What pillow do we have for the living room

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Typically, the living room and the living room are the most important spaces of each house to showcase our art in choosing the perfect carpet. Most people buy a carpet after buying all the appliances, but note that it is best to choose the furniture for the living room and the reception, first to buy your own carpet and then buy other appliances such as furniture and curtains. The background color of the furniture, curtains and other appliances of living rooms and catering should be purchased in harmony with the carpet. That is, if the main field of your carpet is green or red, then the other items should be in harmony with these colors or complementary to these colors.

Choosing the right carpet

To buy and order carpets and other household items based on colors, we need to know the complementary and contrasting colors and colors. Since all people do not have complete knowledge about complementary colors, it's better to focus on the darkness or the brightness of the carpet. That is, if the background of your carpet is dark, green, or red, and you do not have the expertise to recognize the complementary colors of the colors, choose your other items in the color of the lower or higher color. The other way is to choose one of the colors you use most in the angels that you like most and buy other items with that color, but this color can also be a bit darker or brighter.


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