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Exports of carpets are not in good condition / Iranian carpets are returned

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Manouchehr Golden, in an interview with Tesenim's correspondent in Isfahan about the export situation of Isfahan carpet, said: "Unfortunately, the export of carpets is not in good condition, and the situation is not satisfactory, because some carpets are returned from the countries that are being exported, and the businessmen receive deductions, Carpets are not sold in some countries for a variety of reasons, and some models are being exported to European countries for marketing, but they are back to Iran again.

He added: "In the past, when carpets were not sold in European countries, they returned to Iran and were exported to and sold to Arab countries and countries that wanted such designs, but now the carpet is back to Iran, but the merchant's money is blocked in those countries and He creates problems for the businessman.

The chairman of the Isfahan handmade carpet exporter association on ways to exit the recession and increase exports: According to our statistics, we have a domestic stagnation, and as our exports are in a good condition, there is not much domestic sales.

He pointed out about the problems with carpet export: in the past and when sanctions did not exist, about 27 percent of our carpets were exported to the United States, but last year, after the implementation, the situation improved and exports went up, but we are still not in a good position. The reason behind the problems is that we do not have the ability to deal with rivals because their final price is lower, but, of course, fixing our status will certainly improve.

Golden on the amount of exports of carpet in Isfahan stated: Isfahan carpet is not due to aviation problems and transportation problems through Isfahan, most of our carpets are from Tehran and some of them are issued because of larger planes through Shiraz, and therefore can not be statistics The exact figures are not the actual statistics of the province's carpet exports, but the total export of carpets has declined.


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