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The texture of the car carpet

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Generally, carpet is a three-dimensional product that is made up of the following components:

    Yarn yarn

In the form of carpet weaving is in the form of a double sleeve (carpet map) and a dead marble (which is not in the carpet map).

Painted yarns are distributed on colored shelves to be used in carpet texture mapping.


To hold firmly the root roots in the carpet

    Hemp yarn

These yarns consist of fabric and fabric stitches, ground texture or floor tufts.

Carpet blur density: It is expressed on the shoulder score, which is the number of shoulder blades per meter. The purpose of the 500 shoulder carpet is to cut a meter of the shoulder of the knitting machine that made the carpet. There are 500 shoulder pads, and in fact it's the shoulder score of that device.

Jogging: The number of idle rows in the direction of opacity is expressed in mt or db per inch.

Knots per square meter: A node consists of two points (base root root). This fake parameter is very important in determining the quality of woven carpets.

Number of colors: Equal to the number of colors available in each shoulder teeth that are arranged horizontally in the color rack (grill). When it's said that the car of the seven colors means that the seven stains are evenly spaced out of all shoulder blades.

Background textures

The texture of the carpet is basically the same cloth or cloth that the textile threads are dying on. This fabric is in fact a simple bluish texture in which the carpet yarns make up its wool, and the threads are loose (loose texture / stiff tissue) of its woolen yarn.

Until the appearance of a dobby in carpet weaving machines, plain weft was generally used for plain weaving. In the tufted tissue, each loop sheathe wrapped around the top of the carpet, and then the warping of the same carpet.

Fibers and Threads:

 The fibers are generally divided into two categories:

1- natural fiber

2. Synthetic fibers

At present, the company's threads of natural fibers include:

1) Wool yarn: Wool carpets are used for wool yarn.

2. Silk thread: For wool yarn thread (warp), silk carpets are used.

3. Cotton thread: For thread roots and mixed with polyester for cotton thread.

4. Hemp thread: Used for carpet yarn.

The company's threads of synthetic fibers include:

1. Acrylic Yarn: The thread is used for the carpet.

2- Polypropylene yarn (PP): The polypropylene carpet is used to cut the thread.

3. Nylon thread: Sewing thread is used in zigzag.

4- PP wool yarn is used for high density cotton yarns.

Different physical and chemical methods are used to identify the fibers and one of the methods that can be used to identify the company's threads is as follows:

    Carpet yarns include: Acrylic yarn, wool, PP, silk.

    Acrylic yarn is used as a dowel, but the wool and silk yarn used is currently in triple form.

    Wool yarns have a subtle tone than acrylic yarn and the wool's specific odor may be flavored.

    The PP thread consists of longitudinal filaments or strings, and has a smooth, lint-free surface.

    The color spectrum of most wool, acrylic and PP yarns is different.

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