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Exports of carpets and handicrafts in Isfahan province have decreased by 25%

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Isfahan - The fiftieth meeting of the Governmental and Private Sectoral Dialogue of Isfahan Province was held in Isfahan Chamber of Commerce Hall, with the examination of carpet production and export problems.

The governor of Isfahan during the meeting said that during the first three months of the current year the export of handicrafts and carpets of the province has decreased by 25% compared to last year, and the decrease of the province's export rank in the table of the provinces Is under review.

Rasoul Zargarpour added: "Reducing exports of this sector has had a special impact on the increase in unemployment, and the council has held several expert meetings on issues and problems.

He pointed to the issue of customs duties and import duties from exporter's carpets and said: "With the cooperation of Kemg and the organization of industry, mining and trade, this issue will soon be removed to facilitate the export of handmade carpet of the province.

Zarargpor emphasized: laws and regulations are in the direction of solving problems, and wherever the law creates a problem, it should be reformed by the parliament.

The Governor of Isfahan asked the Chamber of Commerce, Customs, Exporting Organizations, Industry, Mining and Trade Organization to be sensitive to the significant reduction in exports of goods and services in Isfahan province and want to track the causes of this decline.

He noted: carpet is considered as an important economic sector among the deprived classes of society, and the basis for its production and export can be of great help to the people.

Zargarpour, in another part of his speech, said the scientific and technological area was a turning point for the development of the province and said: Knowledge-based companies have an important role in sustainable development of the country, especially in Isfahan province.

He announced the allocation of 500 hectares of land at the university's industrial complex to the provincial science and technology corridor and said: The Chamber of Commerce together with the municipality and the Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan are members of the board of directors of this region.

The governor emphasized: this region has been in the province for more than 15 years, and in the eleventh state, the stages of ratification of the statute and the finalization of the board have been completed.

The vice chancellor of the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce said at the meeting that reforming the structure of the Social Security Demand Recognition and the presence of the Minister of Labor, Co-operation and Social Welfare representatives plays an important role in balancing these boards.

Mostafa Ranzi said that the judiciary in the dispute resolution bodies was a factor in the success of these boards and said that the boards should be a neutral environment for reviewing the case of economic activists.


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