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Stylish decorations with techniques for putting up furniture and rugs

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Setting up the furniture and carpets and curtains in the living room is one of the worries of the housewives. Because of the variety of colors and models of furniture, rugs and curtains, the choice for housewives is a bit harder
Choosing furniture, rugs and curtains is always hard for the women
1. Select a specific color to fit the sofa and carpet and curtain
If you use white for the color of the walls and the ceiling, you can use a single color effect to make up the sofa and the carpet and curtain of your room to eliminate the boredom and uniformity of space. But be careful that the colors should not be exactly the same.
2. Blinds, Elements of Soul Decorations at your home
If you consider a brightly colored décor for home decoration, then it is best to use cool colors for curtains or carpets to make up the furniture, carpets and curtains in the interior decoration, but be careful that only one Choose the two elements with contrasting and very colorful colors, the yellow and white colors are suitable for a set of sofas that love the sun and the sunny house because they direct the sunlight well into the house.

3. Pattern and texture in your home decoration
If you want to experience a more sophisticated atmosphere, use a set of sofas and carpets and curtains in your home decoration, you can choose your curtains from patterned fabrics, but because of the design of one of the neutral colors of the house Use the color of the curtain.
 Use the same color to make up the sofa and the carpet and curtain of the room
4. Sofa, carpet and curtain completes the beauty of your home decoration
Setting up the sofa and the carpet and curtains greatly affect the interior decoration of your home, the more you choose the color for the curtains and the furniture, this beauty will only be completed by selecting a suitable carpet. For the furniture with a curtain you can like Take a picture of one of the colors of the fabric and the cushion of your sofa, do not be afraid of bright carpets, it's just that it's hard to find out at first glance, but it's impossible to get the look and feel of the interior and home decoration Just give you a pass.
 Setting up the furniture and carpets will affect the decoration of the house

5. Color matching of the furniture and carpets and curtains in the home decoration
If you want a classy and relaxing atmosphere, use the warm tonality of warm colors. And use the combination of all the colors you choose in the details of the furniture, carpet and curtains. In the classic style to deepen the space, all colors in different textures and shapes can be repeated at your home. In this way you can experience the classical beauty of your home.
 Use a combination of colors to set up the furniture, carpet and curtains

6. Color combinations of home decoration in sofa and carpets and curtains
If you want to make a difference in the interior of your home, you can use the same colors as all the colors you choose to decorate the furniture, rugs and curtains in your home decoration. It does a lot of skill, but if the result is good, it's very exciting.
Persian carpet is the best choice for simple houses
7. Persian rugs have a different effect on the decoration of your home
To get your room out of boredom and idleness, the best option is to use Persian-made Persian rugs with very happy colors. You will beautify the spots that often have cream and brown decoration with Persian rugs, and you can use it to make space more attractive. The Persian carpet is full of color and the role is to try to use along with it easier fabrics to make the space heavy and bulky.

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