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Formation of the twenty-sixth floor carpet exhibition

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The headquarters of the Twenty-sixth Iranian handmade carpet exhibition was held.
 According to the Public Relations Department of the National Iranian Carpet Center, the headquarters of the event was set up to examine how it was implemented, as the era of the country's most important annual carpet event took place.
According to the report, representatives of the country's carpet companies attended the National Carpet Center of Iran to express their views and views, and reviewed the requirements of the 26th Exhibition.
At the beginning of the meeting, a report from the National Fair of the National Carpet Marketing Department of the National Iranian Carpet Affairs Department last year, along with information tables and charts on the type of contributors, was presented to their geographical and provincial segments.
The ongoing events for this year's exhibition and planned events and features of the upcoming event were discussed.
Staff members expressed their concerns and views to improve the quality of the attendees' emphasis on the requirement for a referral from the formal carpet organizations for all applicants.
The twenty-sixth Iranian handmade carpet exhibition in the first week of September will be held at the permanent venue of Tehran International Exhibitions.


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مدیرسایت 1396/05/04

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