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Handmade carpet

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The semi-handmade carpet is made of high quality wool or acrylic yarn, so the finished product is similar to hand-woven, knit woven carpets. The difference between this carpet model and the knitting carpet is that the carpet is woven with hand and without knots, so less time is spent on carpet weaving, and thus the costs are greatly reduced.

Hand-woven or semi-hand-carved carpets in India are taffeta with a device called "tufting gun." First, on the basis of the wool of the desired design, then using the above device, the wool bullets are sent to the warp and come out. The role is dimmed and then applied with latex glue to fasten the texture of the back of the carpet so that even piece and patch forms can be made, as the quality and durability of this model is very high. The average life span of this carpet model is about 12 to 20 years, while under many conditions such as the hallway, living room and ...

The advantages of Indian rugs are taffeta or semi-handmade

1. More affordable than hand-woven carpets woven with knots. Because they are not as time-consuming as hand-made carpets and do not require skills and expertise. So they will help you save more.

2-Very high quality because it is produced with a variety of quality wool, just like a handmade carpet.

3. Appearance is quite similar to handmade carpets.

Disadvantages of this carpet model:

These carpets are not bought by collectors because they do not have the fullness of handmade carpets and can not be inherited goods.


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