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Preparations for handmade carpet washing

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One of the important factors in keeping the carpet is to keep it clean and it is necessary to wash the carpet as soon as it has a beautiful, dust-free carpet. The carpet acts as a magnet for creating a static electricity, and it takes off the particles in the air, which makes the floor surface dirty and reduces the beauty of the carpet. There are steps that can be taken before rinsing the carpet; these measures help to rinse the carpet.
These are:
Normal dripping
Machine drowning: a) mechanical dipping; b) dipping with sucker machines;
: Cleaning the edge of the carpet
Wipe the edges of the carpet with a manual brush and then vacuum it. Clean the area. You can use a mixture of water and powder and a soft powder, but be careful not to damage the carpet. Then dry this part with a scarf and place it under paper or white paper underneath it to remove the carpet.
Carpet staining
How to remove black ink on a carpet
To remove black ink on a carpet, add some yogurt to the spot and place it with a spoon of yogurt. Repeat this several times, the stain disappears completely
How to remove the wax stains on the carpet
If some wax is rubbed on the carpet by accident, you can first wet the cotton and pull it over. Then pour a dishwashing liquid on the cotton pad and draw on a stain. After this work, apply the cotton impregnated to the water, and then again paint the stain until the stain disappears completely. If the stain does not disappear, add some alcohol onto the cloth and spray it onto the stain until it is completely clean.
How to remove the egg white spot on the carpet
Never rub the egg white spot with hot water, as the stain stays stationary. To clean it, rinse the stain with cold water completely
How to remove bitumen on carpet
To remove bitumen stains, gasoline and butter can be used.
Paint staining on carpet
Paint stains on carpets are more difficult to clean. They should be rubbed with cotton and rub on the stain, and then rub off with another cotton until the stain disappears.
How to remove liquid glue from the carpet:
To remove the glue, place a cloth in a vinegar on a glue so that it completely saturates it. So soon the adhesive will lose its firmness and softness, which will easily be removed
Chewing gum
Rub on the carpet and stick it tied with a piece of ice first, then scrape it with a paddle gently on the carpet.
Candle Spotlight
Remove the paraffin from the carpet with the same method as the gum
Chocolate and coffee, juice, milk and tea with warm water and soap or water and shampoo. Using a piece of sponge makes work easier
Sweet liquids
Sweet tea, syrup and other sweet drinks, if not quickly removed from the carpet, cause carpet rot. If this material is poured onto the carpet, clean it quickly
Oil and fat
To remove the effects of oil and fat and even waxes, use soap and white vinegar, but if the oil is poured onto the carpet, first place it with a spoon and then put a piece of white cloth on the part of the carpet that is contaminated and iron it. Half the heat. In this way, the oil in the carpet is absorbed into the white fabric
Drying the carpet
If carpet washing is part of your seasonal program, make a special form of scaffolding so you can spread the carpets on the roof or in the yard and light sunlight. By doing this, the air flows around the carpet completely and dries well
Do not hang the washed carpets. Raising the carpets beneath the rooftops and burning the sun will also cause serious damage to the tissue and fibers.
To dry the carpet, do not use direct heat from heat sources such as heaters, fireplaces and radiators as it damages the carpet.
If only part of your carpet is soaked, use a sponge, towel or cotton cloth to dry it and then collect the water and then place the damp part in the gentle sun or by gentle warmth of the hair dryer. Dry the back and the carpet


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