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Persian rugs are globally valued, but their high prices have made new rivals in the market. It's not long since the foot of the decorative carpets and modern flooring has been opened to the houses. Rugs that have an acceptable appearance, but we may regret buying and using them.
Since buying a carpet is not a simple task and should not be repeated every year, it should be a little more sensitive when choosing. To prevent these inconvenient things, we have simple but important information for you. Information you know by knitting them can be the best option among one of the handmade, machine or modern carpets, depending on the budget you have.

It's best to take these tips seriously before buying a carpet to make economic choices. This information is collected from the carpet market and you can easily ask them about the dealers.

Get acquainted with the tastes

Those carpets that are used in their nylon fabric are more durable than other examples. These types of carpets are very resistant to deformation and are cheaper than other carpets. The drawbacks to these carpets are that they simply transfer dust to the surrounding area.
Rugs used in Olefin's tissue are resistant to moisture and are easy to clean. Over time, the main mode of these carpets is lost and the so-called cache comes out.
Woolen carpets have a lot of durability and are resistant to environmental factors, but hardly any dirt is removed from them. Against moisture, they also smell badly and their washings are special.

Acrylic and polyester carpets are carpet models that are separated from the use of a lot of pebbles. The size of these rugs is diminishing and their beauty is lost.
A few steps up to a good choice
The first step in choosing the perfect carpet is to consider the room use and the type of application. A carpet that is crowded in a catering room or in a cozy dining room should have the ability to bake and be selected for long-term use and dust resistance, but for a room like a bedroom It is a place for rest and is still not too busy. You can use a soft, light-colored and light-colored vintage carpet.
Pay special attention to your lifestyle, if you have children in your home or your family members are athletes, it's better to use designs and roles that are crowded and dark and do not reveal dirt. It should be noted that this style of life is very different from those who live alone, but if you are a low-income family and do not have the habit of traveling and busy, it's better to have a carpet that has fewer drawings and Color is lit.
Dark monochrome carpets, such as oil, black or brown chocolate, simply show bright spots or soot. Rugs with very bright colors, such as white or cream dust and feet. If you want a carpet for the outside of the house, it's better to keep the outside of the house and the amount of dirt so the front carpet does not appear in the dirty. Check out the interior of your home to see what kind of dirty stuff it is, and then choose the color of the carpet.
If you have a small space inside the house and want to be larger, it's best to use carpets that have bright colors. Typically, this kind of carpet will make space bigger.
If your home space is so large and lighter than furniture, it's best to use rugs that have dark colors, these kind of carpets create a cozy, warm and intimate atmosphere. Rugs with multiple colors or designs in you have less particles, dust and dirt than other rugs. If you have a house exposed to dust and soot, it is best to choose one of these types of carpets.

Know before you buy
Consider the optimal room look. If you start with a completely empty room, select a carpet and then paint the walls with the colors you find in the carpet.
The carpet should be the size of the room. See how the room is used. How much traffic is and under what light?
Choose a designer to show the design and colors used in the carpet. If you start with furniture and furniture, choose a carpet that has the color or the role of your furniture and appliances. Roles can be mixed provided that they can be matched by colors.
Cover the size of the room or place you want to carpet, not smaller or even larger than that size. Having different sizes of carpets in the market has made more choices.
Bright carpets make the room look great, and dark colors make it a cozy little space. This is an important topic for choosing a color type.

Choose a carpet that has good performance, with good density, shoulder, and fine fibers. The more carpet fibers are (with knots and stacked), your carpet will last longer.
Synthetic yarns - nylon, polyester, acrylic and polyproline, and durable wool and cotton are soft and easy to clean.
Carpets are similar to hand-made carpets, but their prices are much lower. The price of decorative carpets is similar to carpet carpets, but some samples are a bit cheaper.
If you plan to buy affordable carpets, it's best to carpet


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