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Necessity of matching Persian handmade carpets with Iranian decorations and furniture

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A member of the Union of Manufacturers and Exporters of Handmade Carpets said: "For the presence of Persian handmade carpets and Persian furniture on world markets, the first attempt was made in Iran to match the design of carpet with furniture.

According to the Department of Economics of Ana, the Public Relations Department of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Mohammad Hussein Abu al-Fattahi, active in carpet industry, emphasized on the necessity of matching Persian handicrafts with Persian decoration and furniture, said: "As science progresses and art grows alongside it, Interior decoration is also faced with many changes and designs and colors have been transformed; while unfortunately, in the field of handmade carpets, this main Iranian art industry, the speed of the changes is very slow, and designs and drawings are still 100 years old. .

He added: "In the last 50 years, a lot of decoration has taken place, and so many changes have been made every day; therefore, in Iran, the first attempt was made to make Iranian handmade carpets and interior designs compatible with the interior decoration; Due to the design of the handmade carpet of Iran, it was updated and consistent with the Iranian furniture and curtains, in the design, color and map.

Abu al-Fitti added: "However, the production of furniture has been pushed towards Iranian traditions and the two have been combined and co-ordinated so that, in addition to being adherent to the tradition, we can not stand back to modernity; Sofa modifications are made in the modern-classic style and in the carpet this is also the case and tried to adapt the handmade carpet of Iran by designing the Iranian day and fitting furniture and coloring fabric.

According to him, this was the first time in Iran, because it should be tailored to the cultures that exist; the supply of the market; at the same time, if we look at our export and transnational point of view, the cultures of other countries To consider.

"Many people in the world like Iranian handmade carpets, but they can not use it in their home decoration, because they do not match the colors in their decor, so if they please, they will come to international gatherings and conquer world markets," said Abu al-Fithi. We should change handmade carpets to suit this issue. The members of the Union of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters said: "All of our efforts are to enable Iranian handmade carpets to be exported along with the export of furniture and, in line with global markets, produce let's do.


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