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Carpets and rugs for decoration of the living room and home reception

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Today, various types of carpet and carpet models in the living room and home reception are used mainly to bring together a group of home furniture. It creates a very nice and warm combination in the decoration of the living room, reception, sleeping and even the dining room, so after creating such a layout in the living room or in the house, the notion of a no-carpet and carpet environment will be difficult and sometimes intolerable. Arrived Flattening the carpet or carpet in the living room and picking up comfort furniture or a shelf for the house has long been used and one of the few design techniques that have not been reduced in any way to its popularity and, on the contrary, more and more people are eager to Use of such designs.

But when it comes to the use of carpets and rugs in interior decoration, we have to enter the test process with other elements in design, such as the color of the walls or the color of the home furnishings. Modern, classical or antique carpets and rugs have their own characteristics, but classic and handmade models should be chosen in harmony with other colors in the house because of their richer colors. Harmony in colors is even more important than the size of the carpet and the selected carpet. If you have two handles in the house, for example, in a living room you can use half a set of comfort and you can have a couch in the reception room. You can use two carpet or carpet with different designs, so that each of the environments Have their own character and character, but be sure to try to choose models that match the colors in the overall theme of the house, that is, two carpets or rugs with different designs but close colors, surely the best combination of decoration Your home will be created.



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