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Generally, various types of polyester yarns are used, and the filament (whole), acrylic and polypropylene are widely used for the production of machine carpet. Further, it has been attempting to provide more detailed information on the properties and properties of various types of carpet yarns. Machine is made.
Polyester fiber was first produced by Mr. Carothers in 1928. One of the most prominent properties of polyester at that time is the high resistance to heat and humidity. From 1928 onwards, research and studies have been carried out to improve the properties of polyester fibers, which has a significant effect on the improvement of the properties of polyester fibers. .
Polyester structure and polyester synthesis
Polyester is used as a polymer substance consisting of mono-monomer units called ethylene terephthalate which is used to produce the polymerization process of "condensation polymerization" of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. The resulting polymer substance is used as a chips or granule to produce polyester filaments.
How to make a polyester filament of chips
Generally, melting methods are used to convert chips or polyethylene terephthalate granules to polyester filaments. At the beginning of the process, the PET chips are melting under heat, then the polymer melt passes through the spinneret or spinneret and solids in the cold melt stream of the polymer. The tensile process is applied to the filament, and the resulting filaments are wrapped around the bobbin.
Polyester Filament Types
Depending on the speed of spinning or melting and the degree of elasticity, different types of polyester filaments can be produced, as follows.
1 - POY or threads with a slight makeup: The melting speed is about 5000min / m or less.
2 - FOY or full yarns: Melting speed is more than 7000min / m.
3 - FDY or full yarn made of yarn: In this case, the spinning speed is greater than 7000min / m and during the melting of the thread, the yarn is pulled out. This type of yarn is generally more shiny than the yarns of the POY, LOY, and FOY filaments.
4-LOY or low yarn thread: The melting speed is less than 3000 m / min.

Properties and properties of polyester
One of the most prominent properties and properties of polyester is the following:
1 - Unfair
2 - No sensitization
3 - Gloss or Luster
4 - High wash stability
5. High optical stability
6 - High abrasion resistance
7 - Smooth and delicate (under the optimal hand)
8. Non-growth of fungi and bacteria
9 - High thermal and thermal stability
10 - High resistance to chemicals
Due to the high volume of production of polyester filament and its rising trend in the last 27 years (1985-2012), its high importance in the world and its extensive use in textile industries, such as machinery, carpets, garments, textile fabrics, etc., can be highlighted. .. found out. Due to the rising trend of producing polyester filament in the world, in recent years, we have witnessed an ever-increasing trend in the production of this type of fiber in Iran, which has also been associated with an increase in employment rates in this field. One of the important advantages of a polyester filament can be the indigenous nature of the raw materials used to produce polyester and the need to import raw materials in this area.
 Characteristics of Acrylic Machine Carpets
 1) Canvas carpet or cotton thread is 100% cotton.
2. Cotton thread of 100% Jute or Hemp.
3. Pear or yarn 100% acrylic.
4 - Ribs are made of 100% cotton.
5. Root of acrylic carpet with nylon sewing thread.
6. In terms of durability, the acrylic carpet has a longer durability and durability.
7. In terms of durability: Acrylic carpet has a longer and durable life.
8. In terms of absorbency: The acrylic carpet has a very low content, but relatively imperceptible carpets are relatively short.
9. In terms of light stability, washing and wear: The acrylic carpet is far more resistant and more stable than BCF carpet.
10-Resistance to heat: Acrylic carpet is more resistant to BCF carpet.
11. Absorption in Nature: Acrylic carpet is not absorbed, but the BCF is gradually powdered and scattered in space and absorbed in nature.
12-In terms of preserving the appearance and beauty of the carpet: Acrylic carpet is less distorted than BCF carpet.

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