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Exports of handmade carpets reached $ 359 million

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Hamid Kargar, in an interview with Fars News Agency on the export of handmade carpets by saying that the export status of handmade carpets is good but not desirable, said: "Over the past decade, Iran's handmade carpet has been affected by numerous internal and external factors, and thus suffered from shortcomings and defects. Became
The head of the National Carpet Center said that the average annual export of handmade carpets was about $ 500 million a decade ago. But in recent years, it has been caused by direct US sanctions and the consequences of indirect sanctions on Iran's economy, which led to Rising export costs and the risk of cross-border business activities, exports of handmade carpets fell.
He stressed that other factors influencing the export of Iranian handmade carpets, other than sanctions, were said that, for example, there could be an economic downturn in some European countries such as Italy, as well as lifestyle changes and consumer tastes in target markets. The emergence and emergence of alternative flooring for handmade carpets, such as industrial and machine flooring, and some internal factors such as inflation in the price of raw materials and a sharp increase in raw material prices, especially in 2011-2011.
But in the last three years, the process of declining exports has been stopped and has become an increasing trend, and we say that the export of handmade carpets is good because we are returning from a declining position, "the worker said.
Head of the National Iranian Carpet Center, emphasizing that while it's still far away from reaching the average export level of the past decade, there is a gap between the capacity, the capacity and the pull of the consumption markets.
He said that one of the events that triggered the increase in exports was the removal of direct US-imposed sanctions, saying that, in the year before the embargo, in 2009, about $ 80 million of Iranian handmade carpets came directly to the United States But the trend was zero in the years of the boycott, and rival countries, especially India and Pakistan, had replaced us in the US market.
Working with the agreement and resumption of Iran's carpet exports to the United States as the largest importer of handcuffs in the world and the main buyer of these handbags, we saw the rapid growth of Iran's carpet export to the United States, which has led to an increase in the export of carpet, In 95, more than 90 million dollars of Persian carpets came directly into the United States, and overall, Iran's carpet exports reached about $ 359 million.
Expressing that 5700 tons of handmade carpets were exported in 1995, she said, exporting Iranian handmade carpets to 94 percent more than 13 percent in weight growth and more than 23 percent in value.
Head of the Carpet Center of Iran, saying that we are not optimistic and sure about the growing trend of carpet exports, said: unless we consider the requirements and preconditions.
The worker said that the process of increasing exports could continue to take into account the taste of today's audience and consumers, and to formulate and export products tailored to the needs and taste of the audience, as well as to revive the Persian carpet brand by using various tools such as quality production Along with effective advertising, we will observe the type of activity of our rivals.
He concluded: "In total, Iranian carpets are exported to 80 countries

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