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How to sell our carpet

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The market for handmade carpets and collectible carpets shows that these types of carpets are expensive, and many of them are not the product of Qom, Tabriz and Kerman. In the past, Persian carpet was one of the main pillars of our non-oil exports, but today Pakistani and Indian substitutes have replaced it in global markets.
Buying and selling second-hand goods also has a market for its own, but it also has a special buyer, but moreover, more expensive and so-called handmade carpets are more expensive.
 The market for second hand goods is more organized than it has been in the past. Meanwhile, there are people who are no longer in the process of selling their second-hand goods to go to markets or places to sell their goods. Now it's easy to introduce and sell at home with a phone.
If you are looking to sell your car and handmade carpets, we suggest that you visit the highest buyer of new and old handmade carpets.
Meanwhile, second-hand goods have also found their customers, perhaps because people have become more popular and tend to replace new goods at short intervals; second-hand secondhand means The former does not appear on the market, and maybe it's much cleaner and more attractive to buyers
 One of these second-hand goods, which has many applicants these days, is the carpet, whether it's a carpet or hand-made carpet. Although a handmade carpet is a commodity that is, as it were, so much more palatable than other items, more valuable.
An overview of the prices of some of the carpets made in the market indicates that customers because of rising purchasing power in this type of carpet, especially those where the silk is not used, more welcoming of the show and the market boom There are many
 On the other hand, handmade carpet marketers also use the opportunity to publish banners for the sale of a handmade carpet, and even though it is a usable carpet, it is bought and after being paid and sorted, it is exported to other countries of the world. They do
But some Iranian households who do not have the power to buy new carpets go to the second hand carpet market. Of course, some handmade carpet items are still valuable enough to increase the purchasing power of the family to buy it.
Meanwhile, the market for car carpets is also hot, especially since a new design and map is being made available from manufacturers every day, and this variety also allows households to switch car carpets in short periods of time. has it. The price of secondhand carpets also varies
Of course, some households have kept their carpets clean and tidy, which may not be much different from new ones, but it has a more affordable price for consumers.

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