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Handmade carpet exhibition

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The head of the National Iranian Carpet Center in a news conference on the occasion of the 26th exhibition of handmade carpets in Iran added: "During this period, the issue of foreign trade has been highlighted in its priorities, which, with the help of embassies, Trade associations and businessmen were identified.
Hamid Kargar said that 91 foreign merchants are the main buyer of Iranian handcuffs, said: "For the first time, there are 14 American merchants present at the 26th Iranian Carpet Exhibition.
He continued: 53 Iranian merchants residing abroad and 38 foreign businessmen were rejected by the Iranian National Carpet Filter and participated in the exhibition.
According to the head of the exhibition, the exhibition will be held from September 1 to 7 in 14 halls in an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters with 730 production companies from across the country at the permanent venue of international exhibitions in Tehran.
The worker pointed to the main concern of the National Carpet Center in Iran and said: "In the past three years, one of our goals was to provide a place for graduates of carpet weaving. For this purpose, specialized workshops for entrepreneurship graduates have been given to these exhibitors and these entrepreneurs There will be free booths in Hall 5.
After we issued more exquisite and more expensive carpets
The head of the National Carpet Center said that after the export of carpets was provided after the event, after the export of handmade carpets to the US market has been restored, since 2010 after the sanctions result, direct Iranian exports stopped and until January 2016 exports fell to zero.
Before 2010, more than 16 percent of Iran's handmade carpet exports to the foreign market worth more than $ 80 million. Fortunately, since January 2016, exports have been resumed and the first Persian carpet from Hamburg was sent to the US.
Hamid Kargar pointed out that more than 90 million dollars of Iranian handmade carpets were exported to the United States in 1995. We added 360 million dollars of direct export of carpet to the country and in the first four months of this year 89 million dollars of handmade carpets were issued according to customs statistics. We had more than 7, 3 percent growth, but we did not grow in weight, but we issued more exquisite carpets.
Referring to the fact that this exhibition is a good ground for the boom and export of handmade carpets in Iran, he pointed out: after six years, the export of Iranian handmade carpets to the United States has flourished, but in order to maintain our target market, we need to expand our rivals such as India and Pakistan. Watch out because our current customers' taste in this market is important.
Unveiling a pillow with the motto of World Peace
Speaking at the 26th Iranian handmade carpet exhibition, with the motto of modernization and market preservation focused on the authenticity of the Iranian carpet, he reminded that in this exhibition, a feshered world-wide slogan will be unveiled based on a speech by the President at the UN. It is a texture and will be presented to one of the international institutions after its texture.
The worker will attend the other events that will be held at the faux carpet exhibition in Iran and added: workshops aimed at introducing visitors to the design and production of carpets in different parts of the country, a workshop on how to buy and maintain a good carpet and familiarity with children with handmade carpets and production process Handmade carpets from the design, spinning, chilling, restoration, washing of carpets and various types of knit items will be visible to the public.

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