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Routine marketing and sales practices

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Nowadays, new marketing practices in the world have led business to the point where customers are in the role of market leaders. Accordingly, Gholamreza Abbasi, MSc in Marketing and Customer Studies, outlined new ways of marketing in the art of carpet business:

"For more than four hundred years it has passed the Copernican Revolution. Copernicus was an astronomer who proved the existence of the sun as the central axis of the solar system. In the 1999 Business Week Weekly, the publication of an article titled Customers in the role of Guidance, announced the occurrence of another Copernican Revolution in the world of commerce and marketing.

The appearance of a simple but inborn aspect of the news signaled the earthquake that was taking place in the attitudes of the owners of large productive enterprises and economies. Firms and manufacturers were leaving the center of the business world, and customers and consumers as the sun of the system were in the center of trade and were shining. The effects of this strategic turnaround appeared in all of the business-related sciences, and one of the areas that inevitably had the greatest impact on marketing.

In the summing up of the definitions and opinions posed by the scholars and marketing theorists, we come to the definition: marketing knowledge and art planning to better identify and identify the needs and demands of the market, consumers and customers, and respond to them in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Of rivals.

Iran's handmade carpet business has for many years been suffering from a lack of retention of international marketing principles in sales and exports. This germany product has a unique feature compared to other global products. This feature, which is arts, industry, and commerce, is found in less than one product. This is the only product that has all the competitive advantage in its entirety.
Unfortunately, it has to be admitted that merchants and merchants are not on the stage of selling and trading it to the extent that the artists in its beauty and craftsmen have been struggling to produce and create this product. This includes selling inside and outside the borders of our country. In the commercial literature, artistic sales, namely, marketing. Marketing does not mean finding a market, marketing is a process that starts with the customer and ends up with the customer.
With a careful look at the words used in the definition of marketing mentioned above, the importance of this applied knowledge can be found for its role in the art of handmade carpet industry. Marketing management theorist Petersdorark says in marketing definition that it means doing all business, from the point of view of the customer and the consumer.
The principles and techniques of marketing are so powerful that they can sell a product with a poor quality level, for the customer who is the producer outside the borders of the country and does not need it. In other words, it's a dream to sell the refrigerator to Eskimo! In most models, programs and so-called marketing campaigns, the product is leveraged on the shoulders of marketing and penetrates itself into global markets. It should be accepted that Iranian handmade carpets are no exception to this and it deserves to design a special model for itself, taking into account its unique features.


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